our story

Peter Herring was with a world-leading tap manufacturer in Germany, working as the Chief Designer, when he realised he missed England too much. He came back to England with an idea of a product (soap dispenser) and the knowledge of who to sell it to. He set up in Frome as his new wife, Alex, was based there. The first few thousand were assembled by Peter and Alex in a borrowed shed. Hiring a factory unit he increased Hornbeam Ivy's manufacturing capacity until he was selling 15,000 dispensers a month. He expanded into taps and other bathroom accessories, selling our products into the American market.  


As the company expanded he was able to buy a large factory, where we operate today. Over the years all the family have worked in the business, from working on the shop-floor to Alex taking over as Chairman in 2018. Peter's son, Ben, is Sales and Marketing Director.


Over the past few years Hornbeam Ivy has switched its focus to the British market, moving to direct sales to deliver the highest quality, bespoke service.

origins of the company name

Hornbeam is the hardest wood in Europe, used in precision hard wearing products, such as cogwheels for many hundred years. Since Roman times Ivy has represented excellence. When creating the name, Peter wanted Hornbeam Ivy to represent the strength and durability of our products, an ethos which we all share in the business to this day.