Product Care


Stainless Steel Taps

  • To maintain the pleasing appearance of your stainless steel product you must perform periodic and frequent cleaning. For best results, stainless steel should be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent films or deposits which may eventually cause corrosive concentrations from setting up on the surface.

  • Whenever possible rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry with a soft clean cloth (especially in hard water areas).

  • Ordinary deposits of waste and fluids can be usually removed with soap and water and a cloth.

  • Due to the nature of stainless steel, applying abrasive cleaners which contain chlorides (chlorine bleach) or allowing salty solutions to evaporate and dry on stainless steel may contribute to corrosive conditions and should be avoided as this will destroy the finish and void the warranty.

  • Only in exceptional circumstances and if especially rough cleaning is required, to remove stubborn blemishes use nylon or plastic type scrubbers (eg: 3M Scotch-Brite) and remember that the rubbing should be in the direction of the brushing lines. This is only recommended for brushed stainless steel finishes and should not be used on polished stainless steel as this will scratch the surface and destroy the look of the product.

Brassware (electroplated finishes)

  • It is very important after use that external surfaces are rinsed clean and wiped dry with a soft clean cloth. Allowing water to evaporate will lead to deposits forming on the surface (especially in hard water areas).

  • Under no circumstances should an abrasive (cream type) cleaner or combination of cleaner/polish be used on these products. The abrasive nature of these products will eventually destroy the finish and void the warranty.

  • In the event of stubborn blemishes shown on the finish, we recommend using a window cleaner (eg: Windowlene) with a soft clean cloth. We do not recommend it be used on an everyday basis.

  • Limescale removers such as Limelight or Viakal are only suitable for use on Chrome finish and should only be used as a last resort to remove limescale deposits. They should not be used on a regular basis.

  • Autosol metal polish can be used to restore product to its original lustre, however we would only recommend this to be used sparingly and infrequently (Chrome and Polished Nickel only).

  • Note: None of the above mentioned cleaning products are recommended for use on gold plated products. Gold plating is easily removed and using these cleaners will destroy the finish.