You can buy our products in a range of different finishes. Our Steam Valve Original products are made of solid stainless steel, giving our brushed and polished stainless finish unbeatable durability. For those looking for a finish that really stands out in their kitchen, we offer a sleek matt black finish to give a more contemporary look, or our newest finish living copper, a beautiful copper finish that will oxidise and change over time.

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The brushed stainless steel finish has a matt look that is a good match for modern kitchen appliances. It is achieved by machining, dressing and brushing the base material. As this is not a painted or electroplated finish, it is therefore incredibly durable. Products can be cleaned or refinished again and again to make the surface finish look like new.


Please see the Product Care guide.


As with the brushed finish, polished stainless steel is achieved by finishing the base material. The final stage of the process is a fine polish. This is done by hand against a polishing wheel in stages using ever finer polishing compounds. The final finish is similar in lustre to chrome however, with a slightly yellower look due to the nickel content of the stainless steel.

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Matt black is the look to have and very contemporary.

This finish is applied electrostatically to the surface of the stainless steel to give a smooth even coating. It is then oven cured at over 200°C to give a hard durable finish.


The copper finish is electroplated onto the stainless steel, it is left in its natural unpolished state. This gives a unique and varied look. It is not lacquered and in time will oxidise further, changing colour and giving a unique patina, hence the name "living copper".


Please contact our sales team directly if you require this finish.

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