SD6401 Super Deluxe Soap Dispenser - Chrome Finish

SD6401 Super Deluxe Soap Dispenser - Chrome Finish

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Solid brass deck mounted liquid soap & lotion dispenser. Hornbeam Ivy soap dispensers provide a clean, convenient and cost effective means of dispensing liquid soap in the kitchen or bathroom.

Each movement of the head dispenses 1ml of soap, this accurate dosage ensures that there is no waste.


• Modern simple design to mirror

   any kitchen

• Extra Long Spout

• Allows you to save and buy

   soap in bulk

• Convenience - Easily refillable

   by simply lifting the head from the


• 0,5 lt undermounted bottle

• British manufactured and

   hand assembled product

• Other finishes available on


• Lifetime warranty for pump

   cartridge (see store policy)


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